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5 Reasons To Aim For Healthy Relationships



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“Happy ever after doesn’t simply happen. We make it happen.”


Love and a healthy relationship are not simply just “fate”; it is intentional. Couples mutually decide that they are going to come together and work to make it last.

According to 5 Benefits of Healthy Relationships: Why Healthy Relationships are so Important. (Northwestern Medicine. 2021) States that “As humans, the relationships we form with other people are vital to our mental and emotional well-being and even our survival.”

When you and your partner are living an honest, trusting, respectful, and openly communicating with each other, it sets the tone for a healthy relationship. They should not be any imbalances that will make one partner feel in power over the next. The two of you will continuously strive to share with one another out of respect because of love.

Having a healthy relationship is synonymous with balance and physical and emotional health. And having a happy heart brings many health benefits, some of them surprising. Insane relationships, or emotional dependence, hide negative emotions that range from frustration to sadness, in addition to stealing energy.

A healthy relationship is also good for the heart, for mental health, and even for better sleep and reduced pain. A healthy relationship is based on mutual respect, sincerity, honesty, trust, and good communication.


Makes Life Admirable

An emotionally healthy relationship is a strong relationship that will make you happier. Without a doubt, having someone special next to you provides security and confidence. When two people are in love, their brains release oxytocin, a hormone that is released by the brain when we are in love. In fact, oxytocin is known as the love hormone, which improves mood. Oxytocin strengthens effective bonds and controls emotions.


Extends the Life Cycle

Love lengthens life or, at least, is a good antidote to preserve health for a long healthy relationship in all areas, including sexual life. A comprehensive and long study on adult life, conducted by the Harvard Study of Adult Development, concluded that marriage can lengthen life.

The study finds that maintaining strong social relationships reduces the chances of dying prematurely. Another study conducted by the University of Missouri found that couples who maintained a healthy and lasting relationship rated their health status with a higher note, just the opposite of what happened with those people who had unhappy relationships.


Reduces Stress

A healthy relationship improves our mood and makes us see the positive side of life, and we fail to realize that it is the best remedy to reduce stress. Being married or having a stable partner helps reduce the production of cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for the increase in blood pressure and stress, risk factors for the heart. Facing situations in life that generate stress is easier as a couple.


Prevents Heart Attacks

Love protects the heart since it increases the production of oxytocin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which are good for the heart. According to British research, being married or having a stable relationship increases the chances of survival after suffering a heart attack.


Helps in Sleeping

Love may be the best medicine against insomnia, so found a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh that affectionate feelings reduce cortisol levels and promote deep sleep. People, who need treatment to address insomnia, if get into a healthy relationship, may observe improvement in recovering from the disease.

A healthy relationship can be considered an effective remedy, antidote, or vaccine for many ills and pains, or body and soul. It does not require a medical prescription, nor does it have any contraindications, and its benefits tend to greatly outweigh its damages, so it is always advisable to have it on hand and taste it.


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