upper lower vs push pull legs

Upper Lower vs. Push Pull Legs: Which is More Effective?

Upper lower splits and push pull legs splits are some of the best ways to target muscle growth. Which is more effective? In this guide, we break down the differences of upper lower vs. push pull legs, their individual benefits, and their drawbacks so that you can judge for yourself which aligns better with your goals.

Upper Lower vs. Push Pull Legs: What is the Difference?

In an upper lower split, the week is broken down into alternate days of compound exercises. The first half focuses on heavy lifting and exercises the back, chest and shoulders. The other half work in reverse order and focus on HIIT.

In a push pull legs split, the week is broken down into a three-day routine where one day is used for pushing exercises such as working the chest, triceps and shoulders, the second day focuses on pulling exercises such as the biceps, and the third day works on the legs such as exercising the quads.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Doing an Upper Lower Split

Here are a few benefits of an upper lower split:

  • It is perfect for beginners. The routine consistently targets the whole body.
  • It works on all muscle groups and keeps a healthy balance between intensity and weight.
  • Every muscle group is stimulated with 1 to 2 basic exercises. This reduces strain and improves recovery.

The only drawback of an upper lower split is that the exercises can be a tad monotonous.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Doing a Push Pull Legs Split

Here are a few benefits of a push pull legs split:

  • It allows variety in the workouts i.e any push, pull and legs exercise can be followed.
  • It establishes extra focus on specific muscle groups so performance is easier to track.
  • It is great for bodybuilding as the split can be crafted around a specific muscle group.

The only drawback of a push pull legs split is that the muscle groups are thoroughly exhausted. This means that soreness is inevitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which order I do push pull legs?

No, the order of the push pull legs does not matter. The split is simply done as the name suggests to maintain a standard. You could try your own way of doing the split. As long as it meets the result, the method counts.

Is upper lower split enough?

Yes, an upper lower split may be good enough if your goal is to build muscles. This workout exercises all core muscles and promotes muscle growth within eight weeks of starting.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better idea of the differences between upper lower vs. push pull legs split, you can choose the right one. Start today to be a step closer to meeting your goals.