A Quick Guide to Couples Therapy

A Quick Guide to Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy. Image provided by TienDat Nguyen via Unsplash

Every couple should seek couples therapy long before they need to. Healthy couples will experience some bad times, as it will help create healthy boundaries. Most experts will agree that therapy should be an option in your relationship helping most issues to be resolved before it becomes too big.

Therapists will give you the tools and techniques you need to improve conflict and come to a resolution. Most couples who start couples therapy believe that they should have sought therapy sooner.

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of therapy that is offered by a licensed family therapist. These professionals work with couples and families to overcome relationship problems. The therapist helps you gain insight on the root cause of the issues you face.  

With therapeutic intervention, the therapist then helps you work through issues like sexual difficulties, internet addictions, jealousy, and many other problems.  

There are three sides to every conflict and that’s your side, their side, and the truth of the matter. A licensed couple therapist will get to the root of the matter and help each party be objective to communicate more effectively.

When Should You Consider Couples Therapy?

You should seek couples therapy long before you think you need it. Marital counseling therapy is for all romantic or intimate couples, not just married couples. Most people will only start seeking out therapy if the relationship is on the verge of crumbling.

At this point, one or both partners are likely considering divorce. While this is still a good time to get therapy, it would have been much better if you reached out sooner.  

Behavioral therapy is ideal for any type of relationship problems you might be struggling with.  Yes, you can even benefit from couples counseling if you have a healthy and happy relationship! Weekly therapy will only strengthen your relationship, so you can coast through those inevitable rough times.  

Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy

What to Expect from Couples Therapy Sessions

Most couples’ therapists begin with a simple interview. He or she might ask questions regarding your relationships, values, and background. In crisis situations, individual therapy might be required, but couples can enjoy sessions as a team most of the time. 

The therapist will analyze your relationship and problems and will then assign homework that he or she believes might help you overcome the challenges in your relationship. The duration of your treatments depends on how willing you are to work with your partner and therapist and how severe your relationship issues might be. 

Why Do Couples Delay Therapy?

Common reasons couples avoid therapy is that they’re afraid of what these sessions might mean. If you opt for therapy, you will have to admit that there is a problem in your relationship.  This is already something that most couples prefer to ignore.  

A lot of people also avoid marriage counseling because they fail to realize what these sessions are all about. They also don’t realize that you can attend online couples therapy. It’s a common misconception that relationship therapy is only for serious problems. Couples then keep ignoring small issues until they can no longer tolerate one another before they start seeking help. If they got help much sooner, a lot of hurt could have been spared.  

Final Thoughts

Behavioral couples therapy shouldn’t be a last resort to try to salvage your marriage. Consulting with an experienced couple’s therapist is awesome for all couples and all types of relationships. The conflict resolution skills of therapists are optimized precisely for helping you overcome all sorts of relationship issues so you can live together in peace and harmony and enjoy marital satisfaction. 


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