I Want Out of My Marriage

I Want Out of My Marriage: Is it Truly Over?

I want out

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Do you catch yourself thinking, I want out of my marriage? First, breathe. This scary thought is something everyone experiences at one point or another, especially if you just had a heated argument. Sometimes we can think of a hasty decision in the heat of the moment.

However, if these negative thoughts keep resurfacing on a regular basis then it is a definite sign that something is wrong. Knowing when to leave your relationship takes time and is a difficult decision to make. It is not something to think lightly on, but it happens when persistent frustration sets in and continuous breakdown in the relationship happens.

A lack of real communication, resentment, anger, or even indifference may set in, and fighting for the relationship does not seem desirous anymore. You may feel the relationship is done and you are ready to leave and embark on a new life outside of your relationship.

Staying in a loveless relationship or marriage will take a huge emotional toll on both of you over a period of time. Married couples who feel unhappy, unloved, or who constantly fight have one of two main options. They should either look into living separate lives or they should start visiting a marriage therapist to help them.

Ignoring the problem will never resolve the toll a bad marriage can take on both partners, or anyone else who might be involved in your life.

I Want Out

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Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

A relationship coach can do wonders for your marriage and love life. But there are some relationship problems that are just about impossible to overcome.

Here’s a quick look at a few warning signs of a relationship that isn’t very likely to have good results no matter how hard you try.


Domestic violence or emotional abuse

Violent behaviors between the two of you are a major sign that you should probably start getting your divorce papers ready. These toxic relationships are the worst to be in and the likelihood of getting positive change is very slim no matter how much therapy you get.

Physical abuse is a real issue that should be addressed ASAP.

I want out

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A lack of physical affection

A lack of intimacy for a short while is pretty common in most relationships, especially if you have some financial issues, or if you’re experiencing a rough patch.

That said, if there’s a total lack of physical affection like hugging or kissing, then there might be a huge problem in your relationship.


Nothing to say to each other

You want out because the two of you do not have anything to say to each other anymore. It seems it has become just general conversations about chores and things that need to be done and not much more.  The two of you are trapped in silence and it feels horrible.

If you feel this way, do not worry because you are not alone. Check out this article “Couples trapped in Silence: ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore‘” article. It offers more in-depth tips on what you can do.

I want out

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I Want Out of My Marriage, Should I Try Therapy?

Whether you’re thinking ‘I want out of my marriage or not, the idea of divorce may be too hard to swallow.

It’s possible that you have a committed relationship that needs a little bit of TLC. Couples therapy can make just about any marriage workable, except for abusive marriages. Counseling and therapy have stitched together many marriages that were on the brink of divorce.

These treatments can help guide you through a tough time or to help couples find common ground regarding certain things that might be causing arguments. Therapy should be the number one step for any unhappy relationship. It’s the best way to ensure that you’ve done your best to make your marriage work.

If things still fall apart at this point, then you can get a legal divorce with the knowledge that you truly gave it your best shot. Therapists are also terrific for helping you identify unhealthy or toxic relationships, so you will know when to call it quits or to keep trying.


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