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4 Ways to Handle Feeling Pressured Within the Relationship


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The question is: Why do you feel pressure in your relationship?

You might feel pressured because of:
– Cheating
– Lack of intimacy
– Arguing/Fighting
– Substance Abuse
– Mental Health
– Verge of breaking up
– Sexual problems


Relationships are not perfect and will have some challenges. You might have experienced infidelity or been tempted to cheat and do not know what to do. A lack of intimacy or closeness between you and your partner could be bothering you. Perhaps the two of you are having your fair share of fighting or arguing and it is frustrating you. There could be substance abuse or mental health issues that are creating a wedge between the two of you. Maybe you or your partner have been contemplating a break-up and are on very thin ice. Last, but not least is there are sexual problems or incompatibility.

Whatever it is, is the relationship worth keeping? Please read below on what you can do that might help.


Do Not Crave Perfection in Relationships

Why? Because it does not exist. What causes the most pressure in a relationship is the very perception that a relationship has to match your perception of what a “perfect relationship” is. All that will do is cause frustration between the two of you when it is not reached and bring anxiety when it goes astray. The most important thing to manage this pressure is the understanding and acknowledgment of the fact that no relationship is perfect and every relationship is bound to have its highs and lows.

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Take a Break

If a room gets too congested and you feel suffocated, what will you do? Stay in the room just because it is yours or go out and get some fresh air until the air in the room clears out? A rational person would do the latter. Not giving each other enough space can cause the feeling of being pressured to stay. Similarly, when a relationship becomes too stressful, it is advisable to take a break and a break does not imply a long breakup.

It could simply mean doing something as little as visiting your parents for a few days or going out with friends for some time. However, this break should be with a promise to your partner that it is only to get a fresh perspective on things and not abandonment.


Avoid Communicating when Angry

Frequent bursts of anger can put pressure on the relationship; especially if you feel like you are walking on eggshells around your partner. Anger is the fuel that annihilates a relationship. A relationship becomes much more stressful when one or both the partners are angry and it is never a good idea to communicate while you are engulfed in anger.

Things will never work out and instead will become more revolting when one or both would say things that your partner does not mean to say. Give yourself some space if it is needed and come back when both of you are calm and ready to communicate.


Respect Each Other’s Boundaries and Differences

Be clear in your communication with each other because it will allow there to not be any misunderstandings on where either of you stands with each other. After that, learn to accept what the other person is communicating and vice versa. Autonomy in a relationship is highly important and allows you to not feel controlled by another.

If there are issues regarding this, then take the time for the two of you to work on yourselves. The aim is to put in any work you need to help maintain a healthy relationship with each other.

These are just a very few of the ways that can help you to manage pressure on your relationship. If you feel that the relationship is on the verge of suffering, then there is no harm in seeking professional help from certified relationship counselors.

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