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6 Bad Signs Your Relationship Might Be Over

6 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Over

Relationship Might Be Over

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Relationships are hard work and they require an understanding of your partner. We all crave and desire a great companion to enjoy life with. In the beginning, the relationship seemed perfect.  You and your partner probably experienced butterflies every time the two of you saw each other. However, things can change over time.

You or your partner’s desires for the relationship may be at odds. The real struggle is to keep the spark ongoing when the relationship is going stale. Life is all about ups and downs and change is often inevitable. Relationships tend to last longer when the couple is not ready to give up.

Stellar-Advice will give a list of reasons why relationships can fail. If you find your relationship in this situation, you need to make a decision on whether to work on it or your relationship might be over.


You Want Different Things for The Future

Relationship Might Be Over

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Having someone around who is different can be awesome! This person may make you look at things from a different perspective. Initially, they were probably fun, engaging, and exciting. But at the end of the day, you or your partner have realized over time that you do not have much in common. When it comes to meeting on common ground about more serious issues and desires in life, the two of you may differ greatly.  You realized things are not going to work and you have different perspectives of what you want. If you can not seem to agree on even the little things, chances are that the relationship might be over.


There is No Emotional or Intimate Connection

Relationship Might Be Over

An emotional and intimate connection is important because it can make you feel close to your partner. It helps strengthen the love and bond between the two of you. This connection continues to foster a level of security and comfort, while the lack of it can break it down.  It can mean the two of you rarely talk anymore, go out together, or are intimate with one another. It is important to do what you can to re-establish the connection or it can wither away and your relationship might be over.

You may doubt the longevity of your relationship, but there is hope. A relationship with no emotional or intimate connection is reported more commonly than one might expect. Although you might feel alone, the good news is you are not. There are many other couples frustrated, disconnected, and in pain over the same thing.

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The Feeling of Insecurity

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When we are attached to someone, we desire them to feel as intensely about us. Naturally, you expect your partner to make you feel fabulous and good about the relationship and maybe they do. However, insecurity can kill a relationship fast. Insecurity is often rooted in a lack of trust and can get destructive from there. If you are in a healthy relationship, then nothing should make you feel insecure or raise doubts about your significant other. If your partner has done something to make you feel insecure, then perhaps you should rethink whether you should be in a relationship with them in the first place.


Trust Issues

Relationship Might Be Over

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When you find yourself thinking about where your partner is going or who he/she is talking to on the phone, then this is a clear sign that your relationship is not going to work. Trust is the baseline for any relationship and treating the other person like a best friend with whom you can share anything, is the core. If at any point you are questioning the actions of your partner, then the relationship may just be on the verge of breaking up. On the other hand, if your partner is hiding things from you (regardless of what the reasons are), the two of you are in trouble and the relationship might be over.


We Always Argue

Relationship Might Be Over

Experiencing some conflict is normal and can even be good to help establish healthy boundaries. However, if the two of you always seem to argue over trivial things and rarely seem to agree on anything, then this can be a problem. If the arguments progress into hostility; leaving you wondering about your relationship compatibility, then it could be time to reconsider because it will eventually take its toll on the two of you. There are better ways in learning how to handle conflict and doing it constructively can help the longevity of your relationship. If not, it is only a matter of time before when your relationship might be over.

No Respect In The Relationship

Respect is crucial in a relationship! You may find that neither one of you can get along, respect each other’s boundaries, and have no trust in one another. You may make each other feel insecure. If the two of you can not try to stay connected emotionally or intimately anymore or allow differences in each other, the relationship might be over.

If the two of you have a disregard for each other’s safety, always need to be right, and cheat, then the relationship might be over! Dishonest, manipulative, intrusive, abusive, mean-spirited behavior, etc should not be tolerated. All of these and more spell that your relationship is not healthy and only a matter of time before it is over unless the two of you make the effort for positive change.

All relationships are worth the effort, but these efforts have to be mutual and full of respect to keep the spark and love alive. Otherwise, you are looking at resentment building up and eventually a breakup. If you observe any of the above elements of signs in your relationship, then it is time to re-evaluate and correct it if the relationship means anything to the two of you. Can the relationship work or is it time to let it go?