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5 Possible Causes of Relationship Problems


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Relationship Problems and Difficulties in Resolving Them

Logically, some relationships do not always go through their best and, at times, crises may cross paths for different reasons. Relationships are interpersonal and therefore our beliefs and our behavior prove to be decisive in this respect. It should be remembered that it is possible to solve many interpersonal disagreements so that stability could return to reign in the heart of the relationship.

This requires will and, in serious cases, help from a psychologist. It is strange that couples do not find bumps in their path, because each partner has his/her way of thinking and behaving, which can raise the need to debate and reach a consensus to enjoy good bonding.

In other words, even though each relationship has its ups and downs, successful couples learn to manage conflicts and are aware of the importance of taking into account the needs of the other. What are the most common conflicts that can arise in relationships? Below you can find the answer to this question.


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Communication Gap

With the passage of time, couples learn to handle conflicts, and in this aspect, communication is very important. Dialogue is essential for the smooth running of the relationship and is one of the basic pillars of this since it allows for maintaining the project of life in common, initiated by two people who love each other. If one partner does not have enough empathy and is not able to understand the other, or if they do not have the capacity to express their opinions in an assertive manner, a relationship can hardly work because conflicts are assured.


One of the most frequent problems in relationships is coexistence. Many times, we have unreal expectations about what it will be like to live with that person we love and share space with them? These false beliefs can cause conflicts to flourish that must be managed in the right way at the right time. In coexistence with others, it is always necessary to negotiate, give in and reach agreements, and thus relationships are not an exception.


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Although infidelity tends to have other causes, for example, poor communication or lack of affection, it can become a grave problem between the couples, which often cannot be overcome. It seems that infidelity is something that is present in relationships. Couples therapy can be very effective in overcoming this problem.

Differences in Fundamental Values

The fundamental values ​​of a person influence the opinions that each member of the couple defends in their behavior, but when they do not come on the same page, it usually causes serious conflicts. Although it is not always easy to overcome these differences, respecting the opinions of others is the key to minimizing these conflicts.


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Traumatic Events

Sometimes traumatic events can cross paths in life that can lead to an existential crisis. Such events, obviously, will also influence how the couple relates. If either of the partners has gone through a delicate moment, for example, the death of a close relative, it is advisable to talk to each other so that such a sensitive situation does not affect the relationship.

Sometimes expectations about the partner do not turn out to be positive. That does not mean that our partner is not a worthy person, but often it is we ourselves who create these unrealistic expectations about what love is and about the person with whom we live.

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