What to do if Boyfriend Keeps Me a Secret

My Significant Other Keeps Me a Secret – 4 Possible Reasons Why.


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You may ask, “what to do if my significant other keep me a secret?”

Keeping a relationship private is ok, but you don’t want to be in a secret relationship. Not having any mutual supporting friends and family is a very bad sign. A person should properly assess if their significant other is relationship material before starting anything serious and cannot do that if their relationship is being kept a secret.

Stellar-Advice suggests that you find out why your boyfriend is keeping the relationship secret before making any moves. It could be for a very good reason the two of you should look at and not be in a relationship in the first place. Perhaps their lack of confidence is the reason for such behavior. He just might have issues in his personal life. Listen to your gut if it is giving off any warning signs about your situation that needs to be looked at and be addressed. If everything is ok, ethical, and perfectly legal, then keep reading about what to do.

To determine if you even have a chance at a healthy relationship you will need to perform the following steps:


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Determine The Greatest Reason For Such A Behavior 

Oftentimes, people don’t want committed relationships if they’re already dating someone. If your boyfriend is keeping his life private this might indicate that this person has a life with another woman.

The problem might be much less malignant. A person might just need time to assess the situation and you as a potential partner. Unfortunately, this can go two ways. Your boyfriend might also be ashamed of presenting you to his closest friends.

Whatever the issue, you need to determine the reason so you can assess if this current relationship is a waste of time.

Is The Reason For Secrecy Good Enough? 

Unless your boyfriend has another woman there is a good chance you can continue with the relationship. Some girlfriends are even willing to date men in relationships as well as married men. Even if that person decides to replace his current wife with you, this same pattern might repeat in the future, but with you as a victim.

Oftentimes, men will keep the relationship secret because there is something about the relationship they want to hide. Alternatively, they might feel that you won’t be a good fit for their company, or perhaps that you’re not intelligent enough.

If this is the case, you need to remember that it’s much better to date a person who has a lot to offer. Even if your boyfriend has some reservations, this might change with time and emotional closeness. But, this might also mean that you’re replaceable.

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Disclosing The Relationship 

If you cannot find a solution through communication there is also an option of taking matters into your hands.

Women who are fed up with secrecy will finally disclose the relationship on social media and will demand a meeting with friends and family. After that, you need to wait and see the reaction. If your boyfriend has another person you will figure it out quickly.

This also allows you to see how his friends and family react, and how the situation develops. Based on that, he will have to make a hard choice to either accept you or break up.

What To Do If My Significant Other Keeps Me A Secret?

Although none of these solutions are ideal, your relationship might just work out anyway. If you see the person as the one for you, your significant other should feel the same way for it to work. Taking a small risk can go a long way and make the two of you feel more secure in its longevity. In the end, he might not realize that you’re the right girl for him and if that is the case, maybe you need to re-evaluate if he is really the one for you. Good luck!