7 Signs Our Relationship is Over

7 Adverse Signs Your Relationship is Over


Image By Andreas Haslinger Via Unsplash


There are numerous warning signs that answer the question “is our relationship is over”. Relationship experts always suggest that you work on your problems before they escalate because if you reach a toxic relationship there will be a point of no return.

If you wish to have a meaningful relationship you need to spend quality time with your partner. Stellar-Advice always recommends that you start working on your romantic relationship by improving your sex life, but also working on emotional connection.

Here are some subtle signs of unhealthy relationships.

7 Signs Our Relationship is Over

  • Not spending time together

From time to time we all want to be alone, but, a telltale sign that you’re no longer in a happy relationship is when your partner starts spending shorter and shorter periods of time with you.

On top of that, your partner might stop sharing mutual hobbies that you previously had so much fun doing together.

  • Emotional or physical violence

Some people are willing to shrug off this issue. Abusive behavior is a bad sign that will only get worse over time. Sometimes this might be coupled with tough life events and other stressful situations that led to increased anger in one or both of the partners.

These situations are not only bad for the relationship but can be very dangerous.

  • Lack of physical connection

The majority of healthy relationships rely on physical intimacy. You don’t need to have the best sex of your life, but you need emotional intimacy to stay close. Lack of bedroom time is a huge sign of a dead relationship.

  • Avoiding going home

If you’re in a dysfunctional relationship there is a good chance you will change your everyday habits. You might start spending more time outside and starting bad habits and vices.

  • Your weight or health has changed

While an increase in weight is oftentimes common for long-term couples, it can also present a bad sign. If you’ve become sloppy, especially if you were previously fit, this might show that you need a relationship coach.

  • Thinking about sexual adventures

There might be a period of time when we like another person. These moments are usually fleeting and don’t represent a major threat to the relationship. If you start actively pursuing other individuals this might indicate that you’re no longer interested in your partner.

  • You start noticing their flaws more often

We are all aware of our partners’ flaws. Oftentimes, we are even willing to ignore them. As a relationship goes south you will start noticing these character issues more and more often. In fact, you might start being irritated by them.

Another indication that you’re no longer into your partner is if you’re thinking about their flaws more often than their virtues.

What to do if you notice these signs?

Depending on the severity of these key signs, you may or may not be able to turn things around.

Work on yourselves as individuals first in order to strengthen and save your relationships. Taking the time to do this individual will allow you to see more clearly what you need to work on that could be unhealthy for the relationship. Fight for the relationship and not with each other. Although arguing is normal and can help establish much-needed boundaries, negatively fighting at each other is not.

Seek a relationship counselor or a supportive person is the first thing you need to do to help you. Be prepared for the work because all successful relationships require it. Putting in the work to save your relationship may be hard sometimes, but well worth the effort. You and your partner will feel much better when the both of you care enough about it that you can sacrifice yourself for it.