what to get your boyfriend for valentines day

What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? – Easy tips

Okay, I’ll admit it – boyfriends are difficult! Likewise, getting the right valentine’s day present is challenging. When I go shopping for my girlfriends, ideas pop into my head with each step in the mall. There are so many things you know your girlfriends need. Whether you go to Sephora, gifts for the home, candles, or pajamas, the list is long.  

But buying may seem difficult if you’re considering the male gender. That is why I have conducted thorough research to curate a list of what to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day. Keep reading for more details.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Boyfriend 

As someone whose love language is a gift, I like to boast that I know how to pick something unique and special for everyone. My notepad on my phone always has a note for every special person in my life that I fill out throughout the year with everything they mention they need or like. 

New phone case? That cream that is nowhere to be found? Their favorite chocolate-infused black tea? Cozy socks? I have it all saved and sealed. So when special occasions and holidays come up, I am ready. 

Thoughtful gifts just hit differently. For me, gift-giving is not just about the item – it represents the time you spend with that person, it shows that you are thinking about them, it tells them how carefully you listen, and it’s an experience to unwrap a special gift. 

What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentines Day? 

girlfriend giving gift to boyfriend

Here is my gift guide based on what to get your boyfriend on valentine’s day. This guide is based on all my previous years of gift-giving – all the notes and fun new items I noticed along the way. 

Be Personal

What gets more personal than a personalized gift? I have always been a fan of personalized gifts – they are one of a kind and show the special type of commitment needed to get a gift. They are usually the most creative gifts and are always romantic gifts without being blatantly red and roses type. Some of the items you can personalize include:

  • electronics and gadgets
  • pens
  • mugs and cups
  • notes, agendas, planners 

Be Practical

Listen to your boyfriend and write down a list of gift ideas for the things he needs or plans to buy. This way, your boyfriend’s gift will be exceptional. Sometimes the shop is far away, the item is out of stock, or he just didn’t find the time. 

Some items on this list could be equipment for his favorite sports, a gym bag, gloves, slippers for home, new PJs, small gadgets, computer accessories, a beard set, a trimming set, etc. 

If he is a passionate book lover, consider an audiobook he can listen to on his way to work. Or a gift card for a bookstore? Who doesn’t melt when receiving a thoughtful gift? 

Experiences Are Forever

The best gifts I have ever received and given were non-material. One of the most sentimental gifts is an experience you share. Last year my boyfriend gave us a painting class as he knows I gave up on my passion for art to pursue a law degree. 

The memories we shared are more valuable than the painting itself, but I still decided to put it in my bedroom proudly. If there is a hobby or experience he always talks about – this is the time to surprise him. Cooking and baking classes, guitar lessons, ski lessons, a history course, or a gym membership are all great gift ideas. 

Sweet Tooth

giving chocolate to boyfriend

Sweets are simple all-time valentine’s day classics. If your boyfriend has a sweet tooth, this is the time for a homemade cake that you will whip up from scratch. If you are not that skillful in the kitchen, you can go with a gift box filled with his favorite candy. 

Also, if your beloved one is on a stricter regimen and leads a healthy lifestyle, there are plenty of sugar-free options for all kinds of desserts. 

Funny Gifts

No matter how witty your partner is, funny gifts are an excellent way to avoid cheesy hearts and flowers and show him that you are thinking of him. For the specific gift, you will have to find something you can share a laugh about – a pair of boxers with your face, funny mugs, or a joke that only he can get. Here, your authenticity and originality can shine bright.    

Gift Cards

If you are just starting to date someone and don’t want to miss them, gift cards are a great option to show that you think of someone. Gift cards are perfect for the first dating stages as they are a bulletproof way to put a smile on someone’s face. 

With gift cards, you can hardly go wrong; you should only make sure it is a gift card for a shop you have seen. 

Soft Life

It’s 2023, and man deserves soft days and pampering as well! You can give him a beautiful spa day at a local spa or a weekend in the wellness center. Vouchers for a massage are also great to help him relax and enjoy some quiet time.

If he prefers to enjoy the peace of your home, you can make him a spa day at home. Light some candles, get him some sheet masks and meditation music, or give him a massage. 

Another excellent option for someone who needs peaceful and quiet energy is a white noise machine or a meditation course. 


Who doesn’t love men that love to take care of themselves? If you have someone who takes care of their body and looks, I am sure he will appreciate something to uplift his look. 

Whether it is a gym membership, facial at the dermatologist, face steamer, beard trimmer, or his favorite perfume, man loves to feel and look good. And in a way, you will also enjoy the fruits of this gift. 

Great options can be a device with microcurrents, set for skincare, set for grooming his beard, or an electrical massager. Light therapy is another excellent idea for someone who likes to care for their health and well-being.


I am leaving this easy option towards the end if you haven’t thought of something by the end of the article. Each sport has its set of equipment, and everyone who does sport knows how exciting it is to open up a boy in a new gym or sports item that still smells of rubber. 

Plus, sports equipment is great motivation to hit the gym more often, and you are thoughtful in supporting his healthy lifestyle. Does he love fishing or golf? Whatever his favorite sport is, a gym membership is a great idea for gym or workout clothes and new sneakers. 

If he is sporty, consider getting him lessons in a new discipline. Skiing lessons in a simulator are a great option, or lessons with a personal trainer of the sports of choice.  

Best Gift for Adventurers 

Lastly, I leave my favorite – tickets or travel vouchers for you and your boyfriend. This is a great time for the two of you to experience something new and different and spend quality time together while you make some of the most beautiful memories.  

One of my all-time favorite Valentine’s day gifts was a short trip through the old cities of Italy. Verona, Naples, and Bologna are still one of the most beautiful and romantic places I have ever been to. 

Of course, Rome and Paris are forever favorites of love birds – even something nearby your home can be a great gateway. 

Weekends by the beach, snowy mountain cabins, or forest walks are great gift ideas. If you are more adventurous, skiing trips and hiking are great options. 


From the years of gift giving, I have realized that the most special and unique gifts were rarely about the price tags and always about the time and intention. 

If you take your time to listen to your boyfriend and observe what he is eyeing or what he desperately needs but never buys for himself – that’s where you will find the inspiration for what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day this year.

Everyone can find something special on this lengthy list of ideas. Whether you get something personalized, a practical gift, something sweet, sports equipment, travel for the two of you, or a grooming kit, ensure to put in love and good energy. 

It’s not just about the gift but the time, effort, energy, and will behind it. Apart from practical and handy gifts everyone loves, the unique gifts are the time you spend together and the experiences you share.