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What Your Partner Needs – Tips on How To Please Them

partner needs

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What your partner needs from you

This is a great article written to all you ladies and gentlemen who are interested in knowing what your partner needs from you in a relationship. I thought he laid out some pretty good points that will help you make your partner feel good.

We all have heard of the famous “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” book which is kind of true. Both are human and yet very different in their needs. While men and women have different ways to express their love and their needs vary as well, however, there are some things that men and women both need in a relationship. While it would be awesome to read about the differences between men and women in this article, it is going to be more generalized because all of these points would be great for anyone. Let’s talk about what your partner needs irrespective of which side of the gender spectrum you are on.


Respect is a universal need for all humans irrespective of the type of relationship they share. Partners need respect from each other and each other’s families; Parents need respect from their children and vice versa and the list goes on. There is no relationship on earth that can work without this one factor missing. Hence when you jot down all the things that you think your partner needs from you, write this one at the top of the list. No amount of money or love can compete with this one.

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Your partner needs appreciation sometimes. What happens most in relationships is that both partners are very vocal about every emotion, in the beginning, be it love, attraction, or appreciation but it all tends to fade away with time. Most people start assuming that once the relationship has matured, then appreciation is not something that has to be expressed often.

Well, that’s where they go wrong. It’s human nature to crave recognition and appreciation for the efforts. Men need to be appreciated for all that they do like earning and providing for the family and taking responsibility for bigger things. Women, on the other hand, need appreciation for all they do like taking care of home and children and also working and earning at times, etc.


Your partner needs to feel safe. Safety is not just limited to putting a fence around the boundaries; there is much more to it. It means making your partner feel safe from the emotional harm that the world tends to inflict. While a woman needs to feel safe from people, their stares, and judgments when she is with her man. A man on the other hand needs safety from his insecurities or shortcomings about him being discussed in the open.

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Physical and Emotional Intimacy

Whether men or women, your partner needs to feel that their emotional and physical needs are fulfilled. You cannot expect your partner to feel fulfilled when you only take care of the physical needs but ignore the need for emotional intimacy and vice versa. These needs go hand in hand. A little touch here, a little expression of love through words is what your partner needs. The correct balance is what you should strive to achieve.


Your partner needs space sometimes. Just like a plant that needs watering and good soil, it also needs to breathe. Overwatering it will cause it to wither and die. If you are intimate and close to your partner all the time, you will be irritated soon. A little space every now and then is required for the charm to stay alive.

Not only for the charm but also for the partner to feel his/her personal identity, space in a relationship is what all partners need to give to each other without taking it personally. A relationship is always given and taken, you give a little and get something in return from your partner. Invest in a relationship that matters and you’ll see how it will contribute to your mental and physical well-being

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