Great Advice on Relationship Problems

Great Advice on Relationship Problems
Great Advice on Relationship Problems. Image provided by Julia Taubitz via Unsplash

Great Advice on Relationship Problems

There are issues between us – Everyone can grow from challenges over time. As you mature, your beliefs will change; your personality continues to evolve, as well as your partner’s. Your approach towards life might differ and perhaps so much so, that it is hard to see eye to eye on things.

That is, If all you see are differences that cannot be reconciled, then perhaps it is best to split them apart.

This world is full of people that are a better fit for you. So, do not limit yourself because you cannot see beyond what is in front of you. However, if you aren’t ready to let go and both of you want to learn how to be on the same page, then these significant problems can be addressed effectively without any damage to the bond.

No relationship is perfect but can get better with age.

Great Advice on Relationship Problems
Great Advice on Relationship Problems. Image provided by Alice Pasqual via Unsplash

Financial Arguments

Money management can be perplexing and dealing with debt will add an immense about of pressure on top of your relationship. You and your partner might have different money styles, such as risk tolerances, transparency in finances, debt, support (or lack of) for children, and more.

Although this might seem like a bad prognosis for your relationship, it doesn’t have to be. You can help prevent finances from destroying your relationship. Understand your partner’s mindset and discuss your issues.

If one of them is keeping secrets, then that has to stop. It’s time for transparency! Set your sight on the same prize with your eye focused on a budget and stick to it by coming up with a system you both can live by. This can feel restrictive to some, so give some breathing room.

Great Advice on Relationship Problems
Great Advice on Relationship Problems. Image provided by Bernard Hermant via Unsplash

Trust Issues

At some point in your relationship, you will have trust issues. It’s a given! These issues are not gender-centric; both genders have their insecurities regardless of how self-confident or put together they may appear to be.

Yet, trust issues may be the number one hurdle to a sincere connection, warmth, and true intimacy with your loved one. However, it is not impossible to move away from such feelings if you can succumb to risk.

Yes, trust requires some risk! Without it, fear is the motivating factor behind the issues stemming from lack of self-confidence, missed opportunities, loneliness, and anxiety.

So, try to see things differently to help you let go. You have to be open to each other, as it is the only way through which trust can build from.

Great Advice on Relationship Problems
Great Advice on Relationship Problems. Image provided by Volodymyr Hryshchenko via Unsplash

Communication Struggles

Sometimes we do not communicate clearly, which leads to disagreements and arguments even on seemingly minor things.

When we aren’t truly listening because we are too busy thinking about the next to say to gain an edge, assuming we know what the person is about to say, interrupting, and using “you” statements.

Try instead of “I”, avoiding, being passive-aggressive or indirect, and attacking the person’s character instead of their behavior.

Do not let your emotions get the best of you and therefore dictate your response. We all make these mistakes, but if we make positive and productive communication a priority, this problem can be solved.

If you dread discussing a particular topic, you may run the risk of a third party giving the information first. Rather than allowing tension and distance to build, it’s better to be open and honest.

Remember the golden rule, “treat others how you would want to be treated.”

Great Advice on Relationship Problems
Great Advice on Relationship Problems. Image provided by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Not Understanding Boundaries

This is understood to limit you decide are good for you on how people must treat you, behave around you, and what they can expect. These things are important because otherwise, you will be at the mercy of another.

In the long run, it will lead to frustration, depression, and resentment from not getting your needs met and instead, meeting the needs of others.

If your relationships tend to be difficult, you find making a decision challenging, you try to avoid letting people down and are constantly plagued by guilt and anxiety, etc.

Then you lack boundaries. Find out who you are before dating so that you can go into it knowing what you want. Setting boundaries is not harsh, nor will it make your relationship more difficult.

It’s better to be clear about your expectations, rather than passive-aggressive to achieve your aims.  People will respect you more for it!

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