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Confidently Make Your Long-distance Relationship Work


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Relationships can be hard work, especially if it is long-distance. The distance can make things more complicated and lonely at times, but one of the things that can put a damper on your relationship is the uncertainty of it all. It is easy to slip into wondering if your long-distance relationship will last the longer you stay apart. The longer you stay apart, the harder it is to keep the relationship going.

There will be a few things that are not possible because of the distance. No one can say that a long-distance relationship will be easy. Opinions will sometimes discourage it, but if you and your partner are going to give it a try, then keep reading.

The two of you can focus on fostering the long-distance relationship, and giving what it needs to grow. If it is possible, perhaps you and your partner can work towards something tangible in the relationship. It would give the two of you a better chance of having a successful long-distance relationship because there is something to look forward to.

Think positively and remember, it takes the two of you to want to make it work.

Below are five tips on how to make a long-distance relationship work:


1. Never spend more than a year apart.

Why? Because the longer you spend time apart, the harder it will be to maintain it. People in long-distance relationships may try to compensate by being more intimate in communication. You may share deeper issues more frequently while you and your partner are keeping in touch. However, over time, the absence does not necessarily make the heart grow fonder. It can start splitting the two of you apart.

Spend no more than a year apart without visiting each other. It will keep the two of you from growing apart and look forward to physical intimacy when you two see each other. Would it not be exciting to see how much your partner has evolved since the last time you saw each other? It can be the most joyous moment.


2. It is not necessary to talk every day.

It is counter-intuitively the worst thing you and your partner can do. It may be tempting because you miss your partner so much or you feel the need to overcompensate due to the distance, but it is harmful to your relationship. You have to allow your relationship to breathe. Otherwise, your long-distance relationship will suffocate. Do not worry about the space. It will give the two of you plenty to talk about when you do talk to your partner again. Compare your long-distance relationship to a plant. Too much water can cause it to drown.


3. Set a plan.

Unless you and your partner enjoy long distances more than a traditional relationship because of space, most people would want to know if it is going anywhere eventually. Make some plans for the next time you will meet. Ask yourself and your partner what you hope to achieve from your long-distance relationship together. What is success to you and your partner?

Perhaps arranging to see your partner in the next few weeks or making plans to move in together? Perhaps the two of you have discussed taking the long-distance relationship to the next step by moving in close proximity. Will there be marriage? These plans help define the relationship and give the two of you something to work towards and look forward to in the future.


4. Fights happen. You and your partner are not perfect!

All relationships will never be perfect and arguments help set boundaries. Be thoughtful of your partner and try to meet in the middle. Arguments must be constructive and healthy. Work to resolve your disagreements and your long-distance relationship will be fine. Use the opportunity to work through the quirks with your partner as a team.


5. Gift giving is always appreciated

Why? Because of the thought. It is even more so because of the long distance and the lack of physical contact. The gift can be anything like serenading over the phone, sending a card, a box full of balloons, or even a surprise visit. The thought will make you feel excited about seeing your partner’s reaction when you surprise them. Long-distance relationships over time can get tough. It is hard going day to day not seeing your beloved. A pick-me-up shows how much you care and can motivate both of you to stay.


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